A performance based on a Japanese fairy tale will be shown at the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic


On December 28, the Literary Theater of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic will present the premiere of the play "Dad Hurries home".

красноярская филармония - папа спешит домой - сказка

The performance is a journey for children and parents based on the book by Japanese writer Nobuko Ichikawa "When Daddy Comes Late". In the center of the plot is a little girl Atsu and her dad. Every evening he tells her incredible stories that happened to him on the way home, and sings wonderful lullabies.

"Modern dads work a lot and often come home late. Nobuko Ichikawa in his book shows an unusual way to spend precious time with children. Our performance, as well as the original book, can become a kind of therapy for the relationship of children and parents. We highly recommend visiting the production with the whole family and especially with Dad," said Ulyana Bandukova, producer of children's programs at the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic.

The music for the production was written by Krasnoyarsk composer Vladimir Koshelev. The violinist Herman Dmitriev recorded the soundtrack and performed as an illustrator. Directed by Maria Bulatova. The playwright is Margarita Kadatskaya.

The performance consists of three parts with an epilogue and lasts 50 minutes. Recommended for children from 5 years old.