AILI: «I can’t stoped being a musician»


The artist's creative path in Russia is not easy. Dreams, sleepless nights dedicated to writing the very masterpiece that will shoot and make the artist famous. We talked to singer Aili, who already knows from her own experience what it means to be a musician and write songs that appeal to a large audience.

aili singer

- Aili, tell me how you decided to become a singer. How did your creative career begin?

– I don't think I can remember when I made that decision." I think it came to me at an unconscious age. There are recordings where I'm about three years old, but I'm already gently pressing the piano keys and trying to hum something. I wrote my first song when I was 14. Then I probably knew exactly what I wanted. But still, she didn't allow herself to believe that such a path was even possible.

– What seemed possible?" What did you want to become as a child?

– Although I always dreamed of singing, being a musician, I couldn't help but hear the opinions of others: music is a hobby, it's not serious, it won't bring money, you can't make money on it, it's impossible, and so on. Therefore, from time to time I had thoughts about another profession. For example, I was very fond of English at school, and I was thinking of becoming a translator. By the way, one of my higher education institutions is connected with this case.

– How hard is it for an artist to break through to the big stage? Many, as you know, give up.

- Yes, it's hard, it's true. But this is my experience, my way. It wasn't easy. But I don't want anyone to read these lines and think, "Oh, it's so hard there, I won't go there." But maybe someone will have it all worked out quickly and easily. The main thing is to believe and not give up.

– Did you have any moments of despair when you wanted to leave for another profession?

– I can't help but study music. So in my desperate moments, I need it even more. Yes, I work somewhere else in parallel because music doesn't support me, but no matter how difficult it is, I think like this: "Okay, even if for some reason I can't be a successful musician, I'll be ordinary." But I can't help being a musician.

"Isn't that a pseudonym?" Tell me his story.

- Yes, a pseudonym and also my Chinese name. I lived in China for a year and a half. Because it is difficult for Chinese people to pronounce foreign words, they give everything a Chinese name or title. Aili-that's what they called me there. Later, when I returned to Russia and started releasing music at various venues, I thought: "So, what's my creative pseudonym?" I probably thought about it for a day. I was so used to this name that there were no other options – only Aili.

– Is everything you sing about your life experience or inspired by something else?

– This is my experience, what happened to me or is happening now. Unfortunately, I can't write about other people. I really hope that someday I will learn. I would like to be able to write a song whenever I need it, but for now, the songs come naturally when I'm inspired by something.

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- Do your relatives understand you, is there no resistance to your choice in the family?

- Yes, my sister listens to all my songs, reads what they write to me in the comments. Mom reviews all the videos, sends her friends everything related to me.

- Give a couple of tips for aspiring artists. Where should I start and what mistakes should I avoid?

- The main thing is to listen to your heart. There is a quote like this: "A master has failed more times than a novice has even tried." Don't be afraid to make mistakes.