BELGOROD: «Varvara Krasa – long braid» – the New Year’s debut of a young director


On December 24, the premiere of the New Year's musical "Varvara Krasa – long Braid" took place at the Belgorod State Philharmonic and today several thousand boys and girls have already visited it!

белгородсая государственная филармония - варвара краса длиная коса

The Philharmonic Society receives many enthusiastic reviews about the performance from the parents of our young listeners: they note the dynamic plot, sparkling bright scenery and costumes, the acting of the artists, an interesting interpretation of Russian fairy tales.

Everyone knows that the most important person on stage is the director. He interprets each work through the prism of his own perception of the world, controls all stages of the creation of the performance, places accents like no one else on the stage, focuses on details ... in general, achieves the integrity of all elements of the production.

Manages the impressive creative process of "Varvara Krasa – long Braid" directed by Polina Pimakhova. She studied at the theater studio "Playing Life" under the guidance of N. A. Oshnurov (the studio operates on the basis of the Belgorod Palace of Children's Creativity). Graduate of the Faculty of Directing, Acting and Choreography of BGIIK. Within the framework of the project "Youth aspect in the development of theatrical life of the Belgorod region" Polina played the role of Katya Lavrova in the performance of graduates of BGIIK "Do not part with your loved ones" on stage Belgorod State Academic Drama Theater named after M.S. Shchepkin.

From 2019 to the present, Polina is a student of the Faculty of Musical Theater GITIS (workshop of A.B. Titel and I.N. Yasulovich).

During her studies at GITIS, Polina staged a musical and dramatic play "Panic in La Scala" (Moscow, 2022) based on the play by Dino Buzzati. The premiere screenings took place in the Dante Alighieri Library No. 183 and on the stage of the M.I. Rudomino Library of Foreign Literature.

Now the student, together with composer Sergei Pantykin, is working on the creation and staging of the opera "Suitcase" based on the collection of short stories of the same name by S. Dovlatov at the Mosconcert venue, as well as on the production of the opera "Grandfather Laughs" by A. Tchaikovsky at the GITIS educational theater, the premiere of the play is scheduled for early February next year.

"Varvara Krasa – long Braid" is the first production of Polina in her native Belgorod on the big stage. "The most important thing for a director is to constantly stage. That's how we're built. The premiere of one performance is coming to an end, and we are already thinking about new material.

When we were just starting to stage "Varvara", I had a dream to create a performance interesting for both children and adults. Fairy tales have been written and will be written for big children. It was important for me to find a cheerful "adult" and serious "childish" in a fairy tale and create a small life out of it with its joys, difficulties and necessarily a happy ending," Polina shared.