Composer Semion Krivenko-Adamov spoke about «The Higher Worlds»


Contemporary Russian composer Semion Krivenko-Adamov presented his seventh album «The Higher Worlds».

The Higher Worlds

The recording of the release lasted over a year. It includes 7 compositions, each of which conveys one of the facets of the metaphysical Universe: «Higher Worlds», «Remember the Past Life», «Enchanted City», «Melancholia», «Behind the Lie», «Mysticism», «Séance».

«People of the 21st century believe that reality is what we see and hear, but the truth lies in a completely different plane. Physical perception limits us to our planet, while sensual perception can take us to the highest levels of the universe», the composer himself comments on the concept of the album.

The album is designed in a modern classical style. In the compositions, the semantic lines of instrumental parts are intertwined in parallel, where the central place, according to tradition, is occupied by the piano. Minor motives, which the album is saturated with, push the listener to plunge into the thoughts of global and eternal questions.

Listening to compositions will help you get in touch with your true self, free yourself from imposed attitudes, rules and desires. The soul of the listener will feel the flow of energy of ancient knowledge.

Semion Krivenko-Adamov is a contemporary Russian composer. Born on January 8, 1996 in the city of Artyomovsk, Donetsk region. Has been writing music since the age of 13.

Two years ago, Semion moved to Moscow to further develop his musical talent. Joined the Russian Musical Union. There are 78 compositions in Semion's luggage.

His music has been featured in feature films and documentaries, on domestic and foreign radio stations, and on over 60 international music platforms.

Last summer, the music of Semion Krivenko-Adamov could be heard in the parks of Moscow and the city of Volzhsky.