Denis Matrosov about lovers and the difficulties of the acting profession


Denis Matrosov in an exclusive interview told about the difficulties of the acting profession and about the lovers with whom he tried to start a family! Why is the star of the series haunted by failures in his personal life? Why is he divorcing his young wife? Who will their six-year-old son Fyodor live with? Is it true that the actor does not communicate with children from actress Lyudmila Tatarova?

актер денис матросов

50-year-old Denis Matrosov has dozens of roles in movies and TV series. He masterfully transforms into his heroes. But in addition to the fame and love of the audience, the acting profession has a downside. The artist sometimes gets so used to the role that he cannot return to normal life for a long time.

"Plumbers are taught in an extreme situation to find the right faucet and turn it on, not to get hysterical. In acting, the opposite is true. Oh! The tap is unscrewed! Oh-oh-oh! What to do?!That is a completely different emotion! You can't switch off so quickly," says actor Denis Matrosov.

Matrosov says he always works with full dedication, which negatively affects not only the psyche, but also the closest ones.

"You live this rhythm of yours and you bring this rhythm home: so emotional, so bright. Therefore, husbands and wives should be prepared for the fact that this is not an easy fate," the actor warns.

"A huge number of actor's marriages around the world break up quite quickly. For example, when a person plays a role in a movie, a TV series, that he falls in love with someone, he still begins to fall in love at that moment. I draw attention to the fact that the brain does not see the difference between reality and imagination," says psychologist Alexander Petrishchev.

It seems that Matrosov's wife could not bear the hardships of family life with a celebrity. Recently, Olga Golovina took their six-year-old son Fedor and filed for divorce.

"This is how the circumstances have developed, we are splitting up," Denis confirmed.

"If a woman leaves, it's probably definitely not from a good life. I know that they are fighting for a good man, fighting to the bitter end," singer Anna Kalashnikova is sure.

Matrosov met Olga Golovina seven years ago at the theater. The woman was a fan of his. The couple's romance developed rapidly: a wedding, the birth of a son. But soon conflicts began in the family. Denis believes that his short temper is to blame for everything.

"I guess I'm too emotional a person. It's hard to say why the relationship didn't work out. Something is lost, something is not forgiven," the artist expresses his version.

In the near future, the spouses will have not only a divorce and the division of jointly acquired property. But also the definition of the order of meetings of the father with the child. The actor himself insisted on this.

"It is necessary to agree on the subject of communication time: how, with whom, when. Because Olga is in another city, certain difficulties may arise," says Matrosov.

Denis worries that he will not be able to see the heir often, and he will move away from him. The actor has already had a sad experience. Matrosov and his first civil wife Lyudmila Tatarova parted enemies. The actor does not communicate with his eldest sons, 23-year-old twins Volodya and Yura.

"It was her choice to categorically deprive me of communication, not to let me meet with my sons," recalls Matrosov.

The scandal broke out immediately after the birth of the twins. Tatarova accused Matrosov of assault all over the country and said that he was not interested in children.

"I do not know why she did it, why she fantasized and invented this lie. Anna wanted it that way. This is her right," Denis believes.

Matrosov endured the woman's attacks for a long time. But then he told me that everything was different. The artist is sure that Tatarova never loved him, but only wanted to get a Moscow apartment. When the actress realized that her lover would not marry her, she decided to take revenge. In the children's birth certificate, I put a dash in the "father" column. And later, as a single mother, she received housing from the state.

"Yes, such actions were done for the sake of living space. She took everything to the press and denigrated me. And this despite the fact that many people, knowing the situation, asked her why she was lying and saying such things. She replied that she had bought a car," the artist recalls.

Soon Tatarova married Nikita Dzhigurda's brother and convinced her sons to call him dad. And one day, Matrosov accidentally found out that his ex-wife had been taking her children to boarding school for a while. But I couldn't do anything.

"She behaved, to put it mildly, badly towards the boys. To send them to a boarding school with a living father, not to enter the father in the line of birth, to put a dash!" — Denis is indignant.

Denis Matrosov also has a 12-year-old son Ivan from Maria Kulikova. The couple have been together for 14 years. But they divorced because of detractors who convinced the woman that her husband was cheating on her.

"As for the infidelities, there were none on either side, on the other hand, I don't know who came up with it," the actor is perplexed.

However, the couple broke up without scandals. They communicate warmly and even live close to each other.

"There were opportunities for Masha to have another house nearby. Of course, we agreed and did everything to make Vanka feel good. People disperse, but children should communicate with both mom and dad," Denis is sure.

Matrosov hopes that he will be able to resolve all issues peacefully with his ex-wife Olga and they will be able to maintain good relations. The actor also said that he is already ready for a new relationship.

"At the moment I am a free man. I want to fall in love. I want beauty, love and kindness," the actor does not exclude the possibility of a new novel.

Despite the love failures, Denis Matrosov does not despair. He believes that one day he will still be able to build a strong family.

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