DILL: «The tattoos on my hands consist of two words-only family»


For many, rap is associated as the music of yard guys, rude, reckless, tough in their judgments, praising the life of slums and criminal conditions. But there is another rap-gentle, sensitive and romantic, filled with the brightest feelings. A representative of such a rap can rightly be called an artist named DILL (real name-Dilshod Narziev). Dilshod is a native of Uzbekistan, lives in Moscow, writes wonderful tracks. Inspired by life, nature and his family. His work is at the intersection of Uzbek and Russian cultures. And, by the way, it is quite possible that his next album will be in his native language. Moreover, DILL recently became a licensed artist in Uzbekistan, signing a contract with the label Rizanova.uz on which he released the single and video "Go to my voice", dedicating this work to his wife. DILL works a lot with young people, both Uzbek and Russian, helps young musicians, and is a resident of cultural events in New Moscow. He is also a fashion designer-the owner of the only hip-hop store in Russia and the developer of the brand, which is worn by dancers of the Todes collective and many famous rappers. However, no one can tell you about it better than the artist himself. Therefore, we suggest that you read a short interview.


ABOUT DREAMS: I have dreams, there are a lot of them, in general, I can talk about dreams and goals for a very long time, because I speak to a huge number of people as a coach and motivator. I have notebooks and they are all filled with goals and dreams, I will not say what kind of dreams they are, but I will say that I like to dream and set goals, work out a plan for the implementation of dreams and then go to it confidently

ABOUT THE WARDROBE: I have a very large wardrobe, as we live in several countries, each of our houses is full of clothes, shoes and accessories, in general, I am obsessed with clothes. At one time, when I was very young, I didn't have many stylish clothes, but I watched American clips on videotapes and then made something new and stylish out of some things myself, for example, I made bandanas out of sheets with a cucumber print, we made one big and wide out of two jeans, and they were hand-embroidered with some inscriptions, now it's so funny for me, but then at 13-15 years old for me it was very cool and better than anyone else.

ABOUT FAMILY: Family is the most important thing for me. We grew up in a big family. My dad and mom each have more than 10 brothers and sisters. We are all very close and have absorbed nepotism since childhood. I have two brothers and a sister, each of us has children and we all get together when there are events, such as weddings of relatives, and since the number of our relatives is more than 3000 people, we have a lot of weddings. My parents are now retired, they are very respected people, as they were teachers in universities and raised and trained a lot of people. I have two sons from my first marriage. In a word, I want to say that family is the most important thing for me, it has been instilled in me since childhood and I want all our family traditions to be preserved in my family. To be honest, even the tattoos on my hands consist of two words-only family.

ABOUT THE FIRST EARNINGS: The first income is a very important topic for me, I can talk about it for hours and these are very interesting stories. But I will say for sure that I will definitely write about this in my book, which I am currently working on. The title of the book is "You are not them".

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My first earnings began at the age of 13, when I was selling cold mineral water to local train conductors in a hot summer in Tashkent, as we lived near the depot. I helped the cooks at my uncle's teahouse, by the way, where I learned all my cooking skills. I was always the initiator of new earnings and always came up with something with my friends how to earn money so that in the evenings I could get together with friends and buy myself delicious food. So at the age of 17, I saved up for my first car, a Zhiguli 2106, I didn't have a license yet, and I didn't even know how to drive, but I really wanted this car and bought it, I went to study at a driving school and on my birthday at the age of 18 I got a license and started riding with friends and to go to my college, then in the yard and in general among young people, only I had such a car.

ABOUT MONEY: Money is not a value for me, but something that is necessary and important to be able to use. There can be a lot of money, and the most important thing is to learn how to manage it properly so that it brings benefits to your life and the life of your family. I've seen a lot of people who were ruined by money and very few people who were made better by money. As a business coach and entrepreneur, I teach my students how to make money faster and make money work for them and bring them even more money. My formula is this: you need to earn such an amount of money and invest it so that this money brings income that will fully cover all expenses in life, and you need to do your favorite things and children yourself.


In Moscow, a couple of years after I arrived, I started holding events, hip-hop parties as a sponsor from my store, then we very much influenced the growth of hip-hop culture not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia, I had stores in different cities and we did everything according to the template all events for young people.

So we developed whole neighborhoods and there were more and more rappers. Then I first started performing in such places as Karma Bar, Theater. Over the past few years, I've had enough of absolutely all the events and parties, but now it's just a working process for me.

ABOUT THE LABEL: I was always on the verge of opening my own label, and I ended up doing it. Every time I thought about starting a label, I thought it was important and necessary in my music career, but when I started planning everything, I realized that now was not the time. Because it takes a lot of work. All my tracks were released on different labels, these are OK MUSIC, Delo Dilla Music, which was opened using the name of my contract as Delo Dilla, Trend music, Chemodanov production, Rizanova. From now on, all of my tracks will be released exclusively on my label.



I have big plans. I have great plans. I've learned to make plans, I've learned to make great plans, but everything has its time and plans are not told, you need to learn this, keep quiet about your plans.