«Dream School» found like-minded people in Mashuka


From December 2 to 5, the Mashuk Knowledge Center (Pyatigorsk) hosted an educational program for those who are ready to approach the tasks of major repairs of Russian schools creatively and in a modern way.

школа мечты в машуке - пятигорск
On September 1, 2022, more than 1,000 schools in Russia welcomed their students updated, and by 2026 there should be 7,300 such schools across the country: such goals are set by the school overhaul program "Modernization of School Education Systems", which is implemented by the Ministry of Education of Russia together with the Ministry of Construction and the regions of the country. Even at the start of the program, Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly identified the main customers of the project – these are children, parents and teachers — it was with them that it was proposed to discuss all the details of the planned repairs.

The Federal Headquarters of Public Control on the overhaul of schools and the development of school infrastructure under the leadership of Natalia Kravchenko, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, offered a new look at the task and invited the management of schools and those responsible for the implementation of the program in the regions to the project "Dream School", where they are able and taught to "package" the opinion of these main customers into a modern the design of educational spaces is developing and functional.

— A real reboot and modernization of school spaces without the involvement of designers and architects specializing in educational spaces is hardly possible, — Natalia Kravchenko believes. – In three part-time days, the participants of the Mashuk program received knowledge from the best experts, in practice mastered the methodology of participating design and developed models of regional approaches to solving this difficult task at strategic sessions.

About 130 representatives of 19 regions of Russia, from school principals to university rectors and managers in the field of education, thought about how to solve the problem. The recipe for success is the sum of several components: education of school principals, students and young professionals in the field of architecture and design of modern educational spaces, and — joint work using existing experience and based on the opinion of "main customers". The creative resource of the student community and young professionals is able to offer creative solutions that will form the basis of the bank of solutions for the country's schools.

The "Dream School" has already proved this — in October, 15 students from 9 regions of the country were able to complete a lecture cycle in just a week, master the spaces of the best schools on live excursions and develop a draft project for a real school near Moscow. Even at the start of the idea of the expedition, the project "Dream School" received the support of the Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov, and the students "did not disappoint."

The laboratory of educational spaces "Dream School" in Mashuka is the next stage of working out the competencies of the school community and testing project ideas. Specialists of the laboratory of educational infrastructures of MSPU and the EduDesign studio, the general director of the school, the executive director of the VEB business unit shared their knowledge with the participants.Russian Federation Alisa Denisova, Director of FSBI "Directorate "School 2025" Oleg Klochkov.

As noted by the deputy . Vasily Yemelyanov, Director of the School 2025 Directorate, the Dream School has already proved to be an important platform for the exchange of opinions of both the expert community and the performers themselves, whose main goal is to create a modern educational infrastructure: "The organizers, despite the tight preparation time, managed to gather active and well-trained regional teams, as well as federal experts in the field of design, pedagogical design and integrated implementation of educational facilities. I am sure this meeting was equally useful to all parties. Now it is important to convey the solutions and approaches developed for all participants of the overhaul program as quickly as possible, allowing them to systematically solve the task of creating a modern educational environment by overhauling schools."

According to the organizers, the participants are already waiting for the project experts in their regions and are ready to be involved in the high-quality execution of the overhaul based on the dreams of children, modern technologies and design approach.