In 2023, the HSE School of Design opens a new direction HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL with its own representative office in Yerevan (Armenia). The first educational program will be a joint Bachelor's degree in Communication Design with the Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University. The goal of the program is to unite in one space all those who want to receive an up—to-date design education in Russian.

What is "Communication Design"?

Communication design is one of the main directions in design, connecting the brand and the audience. A communication designer invents and implements visual and graphic solutions, creates brand identity and visual communications. Almost everything we encounter on a daily basis, from logos and posters to merch and books, are products of communication design.

How is the training going?

The principal feature of studying at the School of Design is the project approach to education. From the first lesson, our students, under the guidance of curators of groups from among practical designers, develop systematic, conceptual thinking and begin to work on their own projects, simultaneously mastering the necessary professional software and gaining a theoretical base on the history and theory of art and design. Thus, in four years of undergraduate studies, our students go from beginners with zero knowledge and experience in design to art directors with a professional portfolio, including projects on real briefcases.

Igor Gurovich, a graphic designer, co—founder of the Ostengruppe design bureau, an active participant in international competitions and biennales, winner of prestigious professional awards, became the academic director of the program.

"We are creating an international school, and now our main task is to create new conditions and opportunities for the development of intellectual activity and a lively educational process in which students and teachers from different countries will be involved. We believe that our efforts and contacts will be enough to integrate the new school into the number of advanced European and Asian academies. Of course, the training will be organized according to the HSE regulations and standards. For ten years, the HSE School of Design has proven that it can teach, our students win major international design competitions and festivals: ADCR Awards, World Brand Design Society, D&AD New Blood Awards, LIME, Wednesday and dozens of others, so we can be useful here."

The educational process will preserve the basic educational principles of the HSE School of Design:

  • project approach. In small groups under the guidance of curators with the function of art directors, students discuss their projects, offer ideas, build concepts, while simultaneously studying tools, computer programs with which they can turn their ideas into a specific product;
  • a map of creative competencies. The curriculum assumes a gradual complication of projects: it includes the basics of design design in the first year, after which students move on to specializations in which they are more interested in developing, work with real briefs and create complex projects ready for implementation in the fourth year;
  • digital portfolio. The HSE School of Design has launched an open portfolio system that is transparent to everyone — applicants, students, teachers, external users: in it, students create and defend projects, monitor their professional progress, participate in general exam screenings together with students from all School campuses, which guarantees a unified approach to assessing the quality of work. The portfolio also allows the student to participate in competitions and collaborations, to find potential customers and employers;
  • resource base. To obtain the most effective educational results, most classes are held in well-equipped computer classes, students expand their artistic range in workshops, and in addition to specialized disciplines, they can attend inter-campus online variations of the School of Design: from infographics and game design to illustration and video.

You can enroll in the program in Yerevan based on the results of the Unified State Exam and dictation in the Russian language. Acceptance of documents will begin on May 15 and will last until August 18, 2023.

You can find out more on the HSE website.

About the Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University

The program is launched jointly with the Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University, which is among the leading higher education institutions both in Armenia and in the region. In the QS EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) University Rankings, RAU is steadily improving its position and has significantly overtaken all the leading universities of the country today. One of the priorities of the Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University is the development of international cooperation. The University has signed cooperation agreements with about 60 leading universities and organizations of the Russian Federation and abroad.

About the HSE School of Design

The HSE School of Design is a division of the Higher School of Economics, the leading educational institution in the field of design, fashion and art in Russia. We teach modern design skills and teach the main secret of success - not to act according to a template, but to think systematically, build concepts, make decisions, know the rules of the profession in order to break them best of all. Today we have more than 5,000 students, the School structure includes 4 campuses in different cities, more than 15 educational areas.