Igor Sarukhanov got married for the seventh time


The famous singer secretly married for the seventh time. Who became the chosen one of the 66-year-old artist? How was the wedding? Is it true that the newlyweds have already thought about having children together?


"I didn't even expect this. Ask me a year ago if I was going to get married at all or if she was going to get married — this was not even in my thoughts. Now I proposed to her, she was very happy, I immediately ran and bought a ring, brought it to her, put it on!" the singer shares.

The news about Igor Sarukhanov's seventh wedding came as a complete surprise to his colleagues and fans. After all, a few months ago, the musician said that he was lonely and dreamed of falling in love.

"Then I was telling the truth, I had no one, love is such a thing that comes and does not ask. She instantly appeared just like that, you start already thinking about this person," says the artist.

The singer also assured that if he met a woman, he would not go to the registry office anymore. In his opinion, everyday life kills love. But something made Sarukhanov change his mind. He's a married man now. The artist's wife was the designer – Lesya Sadovskaya. She is 30 years younger than the performer. Igor's chosen one is not confused by the age difference, as well as the fact that he is getting married for the seventh time.

"I myself was married twice before I married Igor. So for me it's completely normal. I tried it the same way as he did-it didn't work out. Igor is very young at heart, and it's felt, I don't feel the difference between us at all," says Lesya.

For many years, Lesya created concert costumes for the artist. The musician says the girl loved him for a long time, but was silent. And he had no idea about her feelings!

"When I asked her to marry me, she asked if I was serious? She told me that she secretly loved me very much. And I've been waiting for this offer for a long time," Igor assures.

"I bulged my eyes, I was scared, I didn't know what to answer. It was a shock for me," the newly—made wife recalls.

The couple engraved their names on their wedding rings. Lesya created an outfit for herself and her husband. The wedding took place at the end of December. The lovers signed, and then celebrated an important event in a restaurant with their loved ones.

"The most important thing is to trust each other, it's not about the pomp of the wedding, the wedding can be magnificent, but in a lie," Sarukhanov believes.

"I took Igor's last name, now I'm just getting my passport. Literally in two days I will have a new surname according to all the documents," Lesya does not hide her joy.

Sarukhanov did not insist on a marriage contract. He believes in Sadovskaya's sincere feelings. The other day he released a new song "One in a million", which he dedicated to his wife.

Next to the young wife, the singer became noticeably prettier. He changed his clothing style, went on a diet and has already lost six kilograms!

"Since January 15, I started to deal with this issue. What is it? This is a collage, that is, I don't go beyond 1000 calories a day. Lesya says: "Don't, I love you anyway." And I replied: "So you want me to die?! Fat people leave quickly and this is a well—known fact," the artist jokes.

The couple is already thinking about children. Igor Sarukhanov intends to purchase a new spacious apartment for a large family.

"She scares me, says she wants three more! Yes, with pleasure! There is a house, there is an apartment, for example, for one of the children. A small apartment in Khamovniki, nice, with a garage. But when there are a lot of children, oh, what a big apartment is needed," Sarukhanov laughs.

"We need a lot of space. I want to carry the baby myself, give birth to it myself," Lesya shares her plans for the future.

Sadovskaya has a son, David, from a previous relationship. The singer has two daughters from his sixth marriage with Tatiana Kostycheva – Rosalia and Lyubov. They have already introduced them to each other.

"I introduced Lesya to Tatiana, her husband, and her children. She loves my children very much, my children love her child," Igor is sure.

The artist parted with his previous wife without scandals. He communicates with the children and pays all expenses. Sarukhanov admitted that he had made a will in favor of his daughters. The musician signed them real estate, a music label, an expensive collection of guitars and copyrights to hits.

"It happens that I just went out, a brick fell and that's it. Therefore, there is nothing in the will. But when you don't write a will, you've seen what a mess it starts — it's a nightmare! The courts are terrible, native people become enemies," the artist explains his actions.

Probably, with the appearance of children married to Sadovskaya, Sarukhanov will have to change his will. The musician himself assures that no one will be offended. After all, he continues to actively work and earn. The singer tours a lot, gives concerts, and most importantly, sings about love again.

It is published based on the materials of the "Secular Chronicle" program