KALININGRAD: Evgeny Grishkovets handed over the shako of a midshipman of the Syrian Navy for the exposition of the Museum of the World Ocean


The new item arrived at the museum along with four more exhibits – according to the writer himself, completely unique. In addition to the ceremonial shako of a midshipman of the Syrian navy, these are the caps of the admiral of Myanmar, Venezuela, the captain of the first rank of the Polish fleet and the cap of the admiral of the Libyan fleet. The exhibits will complement the collection of naval caps of playwright Evgeny Grishkovets, which are presented in the pavilion "Cube of Water" of the Naval Center of the Museum-Reserve "Museum of the World Ocean".

кивер гардемарина сирийского флота

The writer announced the replenishment of the collection at the opening of the photo exhibition "From Russia to Russia". The main theme of the photos is the sea route connecting Kaliningrad with the main territory of the country, the work of transport vessels hidden from the eyes of the general public. The aesthetics of modern industrial landscapes are combined with lyrical sea views, conveying to the viewer the unchanging beauty and romance of the sea and marine work. The author of the photos is the second mate of the captain of the ship "Kholmogory" Vadim Bubnov.

"This is a wonderful exhibition. The look of a "sea man" who loves his job, his life and his daily routine, loves the sea. I recommend everyone to come to the Naval Center of the Museum of the World Ocean, to see both the new photo exhibition and my updated collection of naval caps," said Evgeny Grishkovets.