Nikita Efremov shared with Tatiana Ustinova his unusual acting lifehack


Actor Nikita Efremov became a guest of the program "My Hero" on TVC for the second time. After meeting three years ago, Tatiana Ustinova was delighted with him – the artist struck her with his depth and philosophy. And this time the conversation turned out to be no less interesting.

никита ефремов и татьяна устинова

During a recent meeting in the studio of the program "My Hero" Nikita admitted that he had found his own acting life hack – he gives scripts to his friend, a psychologist, to help him see the hero more deeply.

— It is always important for me to understand the intention of my character, the motive, what happened to him in childhood, and the psychologist helps me in this — he, for his part, looks at them, analyzes them, sees their injuries, what happens to him… And then I can find common ground with the characters.

Psychology also helps Nikita in his personal growth — the actor admitted that he works a lot on himself and has already coped with self-eating, which was inherent in him for a long time. The actor also admitted that in the future he could try himself in the directorial field, and that he would really like to make a project on the topic of addiction. "This topic concerns many families. And I can be the person who will be able to talk about it, tell it from my point of view, reveal it from different sides," says Nikita."