OMSK: Personal exhibition of Polina Zaremba «African Violet» and presentation of a book with illustrations by Polina at POLINA ZAREMBA ART GALLERY


– Another jerk, a long jump, a high jump, a jump over the crossbar, faster, higher, stronger, as in sports. Self-control, discipline, the ability to behave in public, diet, cultural behavior, the basics of etiquette, how to properly hold a fork in your left hand and a knife in your right hand, do not slouch, straight back, look into your eyes. Do not lower your eyes to the floor, your eyelashes are half-closed, your hands are at your sides, but no, your hands are free, but do not gesticulate, do not wave your hands in front of someone else's face, you need to laugh quietly, you do not need to be modest, speak confidently, but watch your words. Get up early in the morning, sit down at the easel. Who invented these things? Who knows exactly how to do it? How to live properly? And who is the artist? And how should he write? How should I live? That's enough! I have my own rules. I live by my own rules of the game, I play the way I know how. The rules of the game are voiced out loud here only by me. In the gallery named after yourself. What is this exhibition about? That for 8 years in a row the young girl participated in more than 109 exhibitions, including 23 solo exhibitions that took place in museums and galleries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Sterlitamak, Neftekamsk, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk. 18 international exhibitions. No one waters a wilted violet, does not say nice words to her so that her leaves reach out to the sun again. Look back, how much work has been done, calm down, relax, put on a blanket, I'll make you tea. The young artist writes every day, stretches canvases, primes, works, there is life in work, and work without desire is a real hard labor. You can't buy inspiration, but you can sell manuscripts. Without inspiration, the picture does not work with positive energy, good energy comes from the canvas when the soul is calm, fun, the result of internal work. If an artist works from under a stick without a mood, his picture turns out to be empty, jaded. In a bad mood, it is not recommended to write at all, so for impressions you need to go to visit, travel, fly to the ocean. Once a week, and in happy years and every day, buyers come to the artist's apartment, studio. Also, people come to galleries for paintings by Polina Zaremba, especially for her works, knowing that there is such an artist. Now there is a gallery POLINA ZAREMBA ART GALLERY in Omsk, which promotes abstract art and other avant-garde trends. The achievement of goals, success, is only the tip of the iceberg that the viewer sees, he does not see how all these heavy paintings are hung up, the exposition is compiled. Health also suffers losses, years fly by like months, and days like 20 minutes. It is impossible to stop, sit down and just sit. Philosophy also requires work, thought is not given from anywhere. Who knows what a frenzied rhythm is, capturing you completely and irrevocably, he will not pass by. Tiger colors, restless dances, cha-cha-cha rhythms, all these unrealized, but finally realized things can be seen in art objects, abstract paintings, installations. Suzule fogs, rare rains, lilac lilies, yellow rose petals, cactus needles, the sun is still high, work tirelessly. Scattered peaches, pineapple field, banana marshmallow, dried apples, Siberian winters, secret evenings, secrets of technology, whisper of palm trees, birch sap. All this can be seen at the exhibition "African Violet" and sum up the artist's work, draw a conclusion, stop, reflect on eternity, remember the divine laws that cannot be violated, – says the artist Polina Zaremba.

полина заремба - африканская фиалка

Polina Zaremba. African violet. 120x80 cm . 2023

полина заремба - желтая луна

Polina Zaremba. Yellow moon. 120x80 cm . 2022

полина заремба - любовь победит зло добро и ненависть

Polina Zaremba. Love will overcome evil, good will overcome hatred. 120x80 cm . 2023

The opening of the personal exhibition of the artist Polina Zaremba "African Violet" and the presentation of the book with illustrations by Polina in the gallery of contemporary art POLINA ZAREMBA ART GALLERY will take place on February 8, 2023 at 19:00. Ul. Krasny Put, 135. Omsk.