Personal brand Trends in 2023 from expert, blogger and presenter Vlada Ovsyannikova


Every year new companies, experts, artists and other rising stars appear on the market. And everyone is wondering how exactly he can stand out from the competition and become No. 1. The overall success is influenced by a huge number of factors that marketers study and prove – this is the effectiveness of activities, the work of the team, the level of organization of business processes, the advertising campaign, and many others. Over the past couple of years, people have increasingly realized that their success is influenced by the strength of their personal brand.


Expert, blogger, presenter Vlada Ovsyannikova

A personal brand is the associations that we evoke from people (our customers, partners, or just acquaintances). They influence the formation of a professional image and our reputation, which, in turn, can bring commercial benefits. If a businessman, an artist, a PR man, or anyone, sets a global goal to become a top in the market, participate in the most ambitious awards, for example from the Fashion TV channel or OK and Moda Topical magazines, shoot for the star media and shine on the carpet in the circle of the most famous representatives of show business - this person needs develop your personal brand. The growth of his media popularity, demand and recognition depends on how cool a person declares himself in the market. These are the criteria for a strong personal brand.

What should you pay attention to if you decide to become the best of the best and loudly declare yourself? What trends in working with a personal brand will help achieve large-scale results in 2023?

Creative, interesting projects

The first obstacle on the way to fame can be called competitors who do not allow them to break out into leading positions, taking all the attention to themselves. But often this happens because we are under the influence of the crowd and the information noise. In 2023, we need to remember the main thing – creativity! This approach helps to stand out among the gray mass, create a buzz around your brand and play on the imagination of consumers who lack bright colors and emotions in everyday life. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but you can add a fifth wheel to it. You can give more mundane examples. Remember popular clothing brands – the product is of the same type, the photos repeat each other, even the models are the same. In total, we know the twin brothers, and if you make a substitution, no one will even notice. You don't have to do that!

People, collaborations

Collaboration with brands or experts who have a similar target audience and values to you can bring you new customers, additional fame and interesting information guides for creating content. It is important to find those who will complement you and your products. For example, a model can enter into a common project with a photographer or a clothing brand; an athlete can release a product together with a clothing brand, creating a unique sports line, etc.

Live performances

The trend of the year is to declare yourself, manifest yourself and show yourself real! But nothing will reveal you to the audience like live communication. Firstly, it is interesting for the audience to get to know their favorite blogger, artist or expert firsthand. Secondly, with live communication, you will be able to make a completely different impression and share your energy, open up anew. Third, it's a great way to share your knowledge or creativity. Don't be afraid of public speaking – take part in various concerts, screenings, conferences or gather your own events. The main thing is to improve your skills of public speaking and self-presentation.

Participation in awards and competitions

A personal brand is about the trust of the audience and potential customers (it doesn't matter if you are doing business, running your blog or performing on stage). But everything that concerns people's loyalty works like a chain reaction: if one trusts, others also trust. Therefore, feel free to participate in forums and contests on your subject, go to prizes and get your cherished awards! Perhaps there is no niche in which such events would not be held, where the best of the best stand out – you can be among them, you just have to try!

Publications in the media, media

Agree, when you read information about a person on the Internet, magazines and other media, you automatically increase the level of trust in him. If they write about him, then he is worth something! That's how media works. Therefore, in 2023, think about where and how you can declare yourself and your projects in order to reach an audience that is interesting to you. And work out the beliefs that you can get into the media only through connections – it all depends on your aspirations.

Own infopods

When there are no ideas for content, create your own information guides that will help to glorify your name. These can be large-scale projects promoted for the whole city or even the country, or highly specialized initiatives that will help to stand out among competitors. Connect your imagination and create information guides that reflect your values and meta messages that you want to convey. But in order for the idea to work, do not forget to think through a competent PR strategy for scaling and monetization.

Vivid images, authenticity

In the development of a personal brand, it is very important not to copy others and broadcast your image in such a way as to differ from competitors and be more visible. To create an authentic brand, it is important to study yourself deeply, define your own unique concept and reveal your specific mission without creating fictional characteristics. You should have your own uniform style in everything – in the image, in the presentation, in behavior, in the product, in work. And most importantly, you must be confident in your position and boldly express ideas, connecting creativity and non-standard thinking. Examples of how you can express the brightness of your unique image: appearance, mission, promotion methods, product format or the idea of your brand itself. At your core, you are already unique and have a dozen criteria that distinguish you from the rest – find them!

Scale your personal brand and strengthen it by following trends. Remember, the more time you devote to promoting and strengthening your image in the eyes of the audience, the greater your chances to prove yourself and overtake competitors in the race for first place.