PREMIER announced the release date of the sequel to the teen dramedy «The Fool Herself»


PREMIER online cinema has announced the premiere of the third season of the TV series "The Fool Herself" starring Elizaveta Ishchenko and Polina Gukhman. The continuation of the teen dramedy will be released on the video service exclusively on February 21.


"The Fool Herself" is a successful teen series about two sisters: blind Masha (16) and rebel Chris (17). Masha, despite limited opportunities, is a confident and self—aware girl who lives a full life. She is fond of singing, meets boys and gets to know the world. And yet – openly enjoys the fact that parents are ready to fulfill any of her whims.

In each episode, Masha and Chris face challenges or arrange a setup for each other, which is sure to go much further than both thought. And they will be able to get out of it with the help of resourcefulness and love for each other.

The main roles in the series were played by actresses Elizaveta Ishchenko ("Alice can't wait", "Food Hall") and Polina Gukhman ("Peace!Friendship!Gum!", "Insomnia", "Alice's Dreams"). The project was directed by Anna Zaitseva, the production was handled by Anna Shalashina's company WISH Media and Ashot Mesropyan's Forza Film.

"In the new season, my heroine Chris has changed her attitude to everything that surrounds her: to people, to parents. I've grown up and Chris is with me – now a more sensible view of the world helps her in different situations. But still, the problems of adolescence make themselves felt. And it's still a series about relationships in every sense: you and the world, you and people, family, guys, friendship ...", – says Polina Gukhman, the performer of the role of Chris.

"Every season my heroine Masha changes, finds new interesting activities for herself. She is growing up and she is no longer interested in her mother's whims, but her own desires are important. In the new season Masha is looking for herself, and, of course, it was not without her manipulations. This is a series about the relationship between parents and children, about two sisters and their adventures and mutual abuse and reconciliation. Sisterly love helps out and wins everything so that it doesn't happen," says actress Elizaveta Ishchenko, who plays the role of Masha in the film.

The project "The Fool Herself" was first presented as a web series on YouTube in 2020. The first two seasons of the series have collected more than 40 million views and have been in the spotlight of prestigious world film festivals. In 2022, the teen dramedy "The Fool Herself" received the main prize of the German festival Die Seriale. The series also participated in the competition of prestigious festivals LAWEBFEST (Los Angeles, USA) and won the prize for best director, Seoul Webfest (Seoul, South Korea), T.O. WebFest (Toronto, Canada), Bilbao International Digital Festival (Seriesland Web Fest) (Bilbao, Spain) and others.