Saint Petersburg: A new art object has appeared in Izmailovsky Garden


On October 30, a new art object was opened in Izmailovsky Garden - an installation on the theme of the theater of the Moliere era. His appearance is timed to coincide with the closing of the festival "Petersburg. Moliere Space", organized by the Youth Theater on Fontanka and the Theater Library.

арт-объект в измайловском саду петербурга

The new art object is a "floating" cube with a copy of the mask worn by the main character of the performance of the Youth Theater on Fontanka "Kabala Svyatosh / Moliere". The art object in the garden has its own "twin" - you can see it in the foyer of the Big Stage of the theater, it represents a mask inside a cube symbolizing a theatrical layout. The idea of the "Moliere" art object belongs to the artist Vladimir Vanin. Under his leadership, it is embodied by the staff of the workshops of the theater.

With the opening of the new building of the Big Stage In 2010, a new stage in the life of the Izmailovsky Garden began, in which modern art objects began to be placed. Fantastic animals made of foam, fabric and cement, spheres flashing among the trees, filled the garden with life and became a reflection of the theme of the theater.

In Izmailovsky Garden, attention is drawn to the avant–garde work of the artist Andrey Yakovishin - forged sculpture-fantasy "Don Quixote" (2010), the theme of which was inspired by the novel by Cervantes and the Youth Theater performance of the same name.

In October 2012, a small, touching figure of the "St. Petersburg Angel" appeared on one of the benches of the garden, the author of which was the sculptor Roman Shustrov. The angel became very fond of the townspeople and guests of the city, they began to take care of the little inhabitant of the garden – they warm him in the cold with knitted scarves, leave sweets and make wishes by sending letters to the "heavenly office": in 2020 opened "Angel's Mail", which is now located in the theater's box office lobby, and in 2022 earned "Angel's dressing room ", where anyone can bring a knitted scarf.

In 2021, another unusual art object appeared in the Izmailovsky Garden - a decoration from the play "Othello", which has already left the theater posters.