Sergey Lazarev wants to leave the stage


Sergey Lazarev said that he was thinking of retiring from show business. Why does the singer want to make such a decision? Is it true that Sergey has health problems because of work? What is the most difficult thing for him in the profession of an artist? And who do the children of the star want to become?


"I can't remember the last time I got enough sleep. I fall asleep in one city, wake up in another. And sometimes it just all happens on planes, trains," the singer shares.

Sergey Lazarev is now 39 years old, and he has spent almost his entire life on stage. The Vladimir Loktev Ensemble, "Restless", the Smash!! group, then a solo career. The singer admits: he loves his profession. But sometimes I really want to give up everything and change the field of activity.

"You need to be in a good mood all the time, you can't tell anyone, for example, that cats are scratching at your soul. You have to smile anyway. We're not robots. We also sometimes have failures," the artist complains.

Endless touring is also tiring. Moving has a detrimental effect on physical health and on the nervous system.

"Sometimes we have to be at the same time in completely different cities, on different television platforms. There may be two or three concerts or filming per day. And you should exude joy and positivity everywhere," Sergey shares.

In addition, force majeure regularly happens at concerts. And this is an additional stress!

"I had a tour in Germany. On the third song, the speakers that were directed into the hall, the so-called portals, were completely turned off. While the equipment was being repaired, I generally sang without a microphone for the audience, entertained them," the artist recalls.

Sergey shares: recently, more and more often he began to catch himself thinking that he needed to rest more.

"Do you know what discovery I made? You need to think about yourself more often. No matter how much you invest in your profession, in music, it will always be not enough. We must not forget that there is you," the singer believes.

Lazarev, a workaholic who used to tour seven days a week and give several concerts a day, suddenly realized that work is not the main thing in life.

"It may happen that by the age of 70 or 80 you will find yourself absolutely alone without friends, without family, but with a profession. By that time, there will already be new heroes, new idols, and you may just be out of business. You need to have time to see what's around, travel, if there is such an opportunity. Not to give everything to work," Sergey is sure.

According to the artist, for the first time this rethinking came to him after the birth of children. Sergey realized that from now on he is responsible not only for himself, therefore it is necessary to take care of his health. Now the pop star is in a hurry to get home as soon as possible, where his son and daughter are waiting for him.

"My favorite distraction from this public life is my children. I'm happy to come home, get distracted from all this and I'm just here," the artist shares.

Lazarev loves heirs. And boasts that they already feel creative inclinations.

Sergey assumes that his daughter will make a good actress. The girl amazes the whole family with her abilities.

"Anya "Fly-Tsokotukhu" from beginning to end can tell by the tooth!", – the father boasts of his baby.

Nikita is engaged in dancing. But lately the boy has become interested in programming. Lazarev is proud of his son's success!

"He's already making games! Now IT professions are very popular and in trend. They are the future. That's why Nikita threw himself into game development," Lazarev shares

However, after attending Dad's concerts, both Anya and Nikita say with one voice that they also want to perform on stage.

"Nikita's acting skills are waking up, I can see it, because his facial expressions have become very mature," Lazarev says.

Sergey constantly explains to them how hard it is to be an artist. Talks about difficulties. But if Nikita and Anya want to go down this path, they will not dissuade.

"I don't want to put pressure on them at all, I don't want to impose on them what they might not like," the artist shares his opinion.

Lazarev explains: it does not matter what professions the children choose. The main thing is to be happy and healthy. He will support any decision and will always come to the rescue.

It is published based on the materials of the "Secular Chronicle" program