Singer Aziza decided to get married with her young husband


Singer Aziza decided to get married with her young husband! When will the sacrament take place? What kind of plastic surgery is she going to do for the ceremony? How do lovers manage to maintain relationships while living in different countries? Do the couple really want to adopt a child? And why are many people sure that a man pursues selfish goals?

певица азиза

"When there is a month and a half left before the sacrament of the wedding, certain rituals will be carried out. Thank God I know them. We will prepare according to all the canons, the main thing is to choose exactly the day we wanted. It turns out that in Orthodoxy there are days when it is impossible to marry or baptize, for example," the singer says.

58-year-old Aziza began preparing for the main event in her life. The actress is going to get married with a restaurateur from Italy, Alexandro Lorte. The ceremony, according to her, will take place in the spring. Now the star is thinking over the design of the dress.

"I think the dress will be airy, shimmering and mother—of-pearl, there will be light illumination with lights of all colors," Aziza shares the secret.

To look one hundred percent, the singer is ready to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

"I want to do blepharoplasty on my eyes, I think everything will heal quickly on me. I've already glued my eyelashes," the artist jokes.

Aziza wants to remain attractive to her lover. After all, he is 16 years younger than her. The artist signed with Alexandro Lorte only a year and a half ago. Immediately after the wedding, a scandal broke out. The journalists found out that the young husband is not really an Italian! He is a native of Lipetsk and his name is Alexander Sokolov. But Aziza did not react to the exposure in any way, only stated that she was very happy.

"Before that, I had civil marriages mostly. Then I realized that I wanted to get married at the registry office, officially sign, feel it with every fiber of my body. And now the wedding. This is a very serious step. I have only recently come to this decision," the singer says.

Many were surprised by Aziza's decision to marry her husband. After all, a few months ago she said that she had already been disappointed in this marriage. And when the restaurateur once again left for Italy on business, the star asked him not to return!

"Don't forget our age difference. I think that in ten years, Alexander's fate will probably change," the artist assured a year ago.

Aziza admitted that she and her husband could not agree on joint children. The star has always dreamed of a big family. In her youth, she was pregnant four times, but lost a child. After getting married, the actress decided to try her luck again. I did IVF, but the procedure was not successful. Then she turned to the services of a surrogate mother, but the fetus did not take root.

"I thought that a family was a man, a woman, a mom, a dad and a child," Aziza believes.

But Lorte was able to convince the singer not to ruin their marriage. Now the artist says they are doing well. Although the man has returned to Italy, he is always in touch. According to Aziza, her husband himself proposed to her to get married. And he said that if she wanted a child so much, they would adopt him.

"I told him to decide first. If he comes and lives in Russia, then yes, because I'm not going to go to Italy and start a family there. Besides, everything is very difficult with adoption there," Aziza worries.

However, many still do not believe in the sincerity of the feelings of the young spouse. They think he only needs money from the singer. In addition, Aziza did not hide that she gave him all her finances at her disposal.

"I call it my walking bank. Now all the money is kept with him," the singer shared.

"When it became clear that he was not an Italian, but an ordinary Russian guy, then of course the thoughts that he was a gigolo began to creep in more often," says secular journalist Alexandra Koshkina.

The actress does not believe in the selfish motives of her husband. And after their recent meeting, Aziza realized how much she loves him and no longer wants a long-distance relationship.

"I can't be warmed by words spoken even on the internet very far away. If he came tomorrow and told me words about love, then yes. But he's coming in three months. I'm starting to get angry," Aziza is indignant.

But Alexandro is not in a hurry to change his place of residence yet. In Italy, the man has an established business, his parents live there. The star hopes the wedding will push him to this step.

It is published based on the materials of the "Secular Chronicle" program