The Central House of the Russian Army hosted a screening of the musical «#Tale in a New Way»


On Christmas Eve, the Central House of the Russian Army hosted a show of the musical "#Tale in a New Way," which was attended by the children of servicemen involved in the special military operation in Ukraine.

мюзикл сказка по новому

The children went on an exciting fairy-tale journey, which takes place successively in the cold forest of the Tridevyatoe kingdom, then in the exotic Shemokhan kingdom, then in a scorching desert, then in the expanses of the raging ocean. One of the characters is Baba Yaga, Prince Alyosha, bossy queen Vasilisa, oriental beauty Boudour, wise sultan, insidious vizier Jafar, evil witch cobra Nagaina... and the obligatory New Year characters Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

The audience not only watched all the action on stage, but also participated in merry games, included in the script of the play.

"Everyone knows that real, sincere and noble feelings are established at a very early age. Our children's musical is dedicated to such feelings: friendship, loyalty, and love. We really want it to give our viewers positive emotions, especially for those little spectators whose fathers are now doing their duty in the special operation in Ukraine. Many of the children already understand that dads have a difficult, dangerous, but at the same time noble and responsible job. Our task is not only to give children a sense of joy and a touch of magic, but also to promote their spiritual development from a young age," emphasized the artistic director of the CDRA, director of the musical Irina Titova.

"#TaleForNew" is a bright, spectacular and dynamic project that reveals a modern view of a very popular, especially among young viewers, genre of fairy tale.

A special role in this performance is played by bright choreographic numbers in the military style, such as the dance of Baba Yaga's security service in the Tridevyatoe kingdom, and Baba Yaga herself in camouflage, sunglasses and on a gyroscooter looks progressive and in the spirit of the time. When the action of the tale is transferred to the desert of the East, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the dance and costume of Cobra Nagaina.