The world of «Zemy» is expanding: filming of the series «Max and the Goose» began


Filming of the seven—part project "Max and the Goose" (18+) - the first spin-off of the popular comedy series about provincial boys "Zema 3" - has started. The story of the transformation of an enterprising Penza guy into a local authority is filmed by the companies "Universe of Cinema" and "Lizard Pictures". Together with the performers of the main roles Nikita Kologriv and Vladimir Karpuk, viewers will see a star cast in the series — Pavel Priluchny, Nastasia Samburskaya, Gleb Kalyuzhny, Vladimir Epifantsev and Mikhail Gorev. The premiere will take place exclusively in the Wink video service in the spring of 2023, the series will be included in the Wink Originals line.


Max (Nikita Kologrivy) first appeared in the TV series "Zema 3" and became the antagonist of the main character — Zema. A bright charismatic character with a negative charm was remembered by the audience. The new series "Max and the Goose" will tell the story of the transformation of a simple boy Max from an ordinary capper into an unscrupulous bigwigs who controls drug trafficking, clubs and underground betting business in Penza. The romantic line is responsible for the story of the relationship between Max and Snegurka (Natalia Bardot), whom he met in the "New Year's Batch". And of course, fans of the series will find out what happened to the unbreakable friendship of Max and Goose and how the fate of those who have recently been inseparable.

"The cool thing about my hero is that he is not a saint. He's just an ordinary guy with a lot of passions and vices, like I think we all are. But there are very few such characters in our cinema, so we definitely need to tell about him. In each episode, events take place on all fronts: human, family difficulties, problems of fathers and children. And wherever Max goes, he always faces difficulties or gets involved in adventures. I don't want to say that my hero has become quite a scoundrel. He rather got lost," says Nikita Kologrivy. The actor is so inspired by his hero that he even became a creative producer of the series. He is also engaged in the development and staging of combat scenes, is involved in working on the script.

Each episode is a parade of adventures that Max and Goose get into with enviable regularity. Arrange a shootout in the city center or a showdown in a fashionable restaurant? Try on a provocative pink rabbit costume or a tight tuxedo? These guys will do everything to make the audience laugh and surprise. A mixture of tooth—crushing action and mind-blowing humor is a mandatory element of this film universe, which in "Max and Gus" the authors of the project multiplied by two.

"We find ourselves together with Max right at the moment of his transition from one personality to another. Nikita Kologrivy is a great actor, so I have no doubt that we will have a cool story of becoming a bandit from a kid athlete. And the Goose, played by Vladimir Karpuk, perfectly dilutes this story with his naive and kind attitude to his friend Max. We have a very cool casting and a film crew that is tuned to the right vibe. This reinforced concrete will be an interesting project," says director Denis Pavlov.

"Zema is a phenomenon that quickly won the love of the audience. From a provincial Internet series with a modest budget, it has turned into a mega-project in which big stars are happily filmed. And he made his actors very popular and recognizable. The series has brought to the screens very colorful, bright and memorable characters with great potential, it is no coincidence that their stories will receive their own film incarnation with the support of the Wink video service. "Max and Goose" will open a new dimension in the project, preserving all its strengths — action, humor, sincerity," said Alexander Kosarim, Director of Content at Wink (Rostelecom digital video service).