They shocked the world. Olga Buzova. When I will be happy


From the outside, her life is like a fairy tale. Travel, designer outfits, crowds of fans. Olga Buzova has been heading the list of the most popular domestic stars for several years. Everyone used to consider her a strong woman. But is this really the case?
olga buzova

Olga was born in St. Petersburg, in an ordinary family. Dad is a former military man, mom is a dentist. Her parents brought her up strictly, but fairly. The girl from childhood was distinguished by stubbornness and independence. Even when her classmates offended her, she did not complain. Only once did she ask her mother for help when she was about to be expelled from school.

Olga was a creative person, sang in a musical group. After receiving the certificate, she was going to enter the theater institute. But mom insisted that her daughter get a serious profession. Olya did not argue. She was desperately trying to prove to others what a good fellow she was, especially to her parents. But they paid all their attention to the youngest daughter, Anya. The sisters often swore. Sometimes it was necessary to share not only the love of relatives, but also the attention of the opposite sex.

Participation in the TV show brought Olga crazy popularity. A naive blonde in pink instantly fell in love with the male population of our country. When Olga met football player Dmitry Tarasov in one of the Moscow restaurants, she was sure that she had finally found her prince and true love. This novel really resembled a fairy tale: expensive gifts, elite resorts, a chic wedding. Buzova and Tarasov lived together for four years. All this time they were considered an exemplary couple. And the divorce came out of the blue. And then it turned out that the house, in the construction of which Olga invested her own money, was actually registered to Dmitry's mother. Buzova was left with nothing.

Despite the broken heart and mental anguish, Olga found the strength to rise. And show the former lover what kind of woman he lost! The divorce from Tarasov opened Buzova, the singer, to the world. She burst into show business like a real hurricane, her songs were played on the main radio stations, and tickets for the performances of the spectacular artist were sold out instantly.

The attention of the popular singer was sought by influential fans. And she was focused on work and didn't want novels. Everything changed when the girl met blogger David Manukyan. Olga was sure that Dava would make her really happy. As rapidly as their relationship developed, David's popularity grew. From a novice blogger from Novosibirsk, he turned into an Internet star. A year after the beginning of the affair with Buzova, he bought a car for 12 million rubles! The blogger was so happy that he even got a tattoo with the image of a new car. The drawing turned out to be much larger than the tattoo with the name of his beloved…

The couple celebrated the anniversary of their relationship on a grand scale and spent a fortune on gifts to each other. Dava talked about how he dreams of having children, Olga also admitted that she was ready to start a family. Everything was going to the wedding, and a ring appeared on the ring finger of the star. But soon the TV presenter announced that her heart was free, and accused her former lover of treason and assault. Manukyan denied all the charges. He said that he just ran out of feelings.

Olga got into a detox clinic for rehabilitation, lost a lot of weight from stress, insomnia began. But she managed to get up again, went on stage and said that she continues to believe in the best.

While the artist devotes herself to creativity. But he does not lose hope of finding his female happiness, despite all the hardships, deceptions and betrayals.