Viktor Sukhorukov is on hunger


Viktor Sukhorukov revealed the secrets of youth and optimism! Is it true that the actor practices fasting? What bad habit almost ruined his life? With whom and how does the artist live now? And why has he never been married?

виктор сухоруков актер

"I believe in life, there will be no other life. Smile, gentlemen, smile. What is optimism? This is the belief that you are needed here, useful, interesting. And it's interesting for you to live yourself," actor Viktor Sukhorukov is sure.

Viktor Sukhorukov recently turned 71. But looking at this fit man, it's hard to believe in such figures. He himself believes it's all about his demand.

"I don't run around fitness halls, I don't do physical education, I just work on roles. Maybe it makes you younger, I do not know," says Sukhorukov ironically.

He rarely appears at events, and even hardly goes shopping. He is indifferent to social life and designer clothes. He assures that he has no style, it is enough to be neat, elegant and "not smelly".

Sukhorukov plays in the theater. The actor has more than one hundred and forty works in cinema. But the most famous is still the role of the bandit Vitya Tatarin in Alexey Balabanov's criminal dilogy "Brother".

The film about the dashing 90s has become a cult for a whole generation of viewers. 25 years after the release of the picture on the screens, it was again shown in cinemas. And again a great success!

"Go tell me that this is not happiness, not a miracle. You see, it's a miracle when a film has existed for 25 years, it is reincorporated, updated, digitized, thrown to the people, to the public, and the hall is filled with the third generation of Russian viewers," the artist admires.

"Because it was made honestly and in time, it got into time. It will always be relevant, it's a classic," producer Joseph Prigozhin justifies such a success of the film.

The artist admits: the only thing that does not allow you to forget about age is health. I have to spend more time taking care of myself. He tries to eat right and once a week arranges a fasting day – he goes hungry.

"Cleaning, cleaning is underway. Because the body is already working 24 hours a day, and when a person is hungry, oddly enough, we give him a break. Let him rest a little with my desire," explains Sukhorukov.

"In fact, a lot of diseases are treated by simply refusing to eat," says actress Ekaterina Volkova.

"He's an artist, it's important for him to be at the same weight, so he found the right way. He looks younger, I think, by 50 at most," the secular journalist Felix Grozdanov admires the appearance of the artist.

Victor did not always lead such a lifestyle. He suffered from alcohol addiction for many years. Because of the addiction, his personal life did not develop. Women could not tolerate the artist's predilections and left. As a result, Sukhorukov managed to pull himself together. And he hasn't been drinking for a long time.

But the actor never met the lady of the heart. I've never been married, I haven't become a father. At the same time, Victor assures that he does not feel lonely. After all, there are friends and relatives nearby, with whom he enjoys spending time.

"My parents died a long time ago. There are relatives with whom I communicate, constantly, make friends, go to visit them. I am like one blood and flesh with them," Viktor shares.

And the most important thing is that he has a favorite job. Sukhorukov hopes that not only the "Brother", but also his other roles will delight viewers of different generations for many more years.

It is published based on the materials of the "Secular Chronicle" program