Yakovlev-Borchaninov mansion to be restored in Yekaterinburg


The Department of State Expertise of the Sverdlovsk region reviewed the documentation on the restoration of the object of cultural significance "Yakovlev – Borchaninov Merchants' House", located in the center of Yekaterinburg. According to the results of the state examination, a positive conclusion was issued. The expert organization is connected and uses the ECPE.

The exact year of the construction of this building is unknown, but the first mention of it appeared in 1859. Then there were two buildings located at the address of the house: a retail store and a mansion. Their owner, merchant Sergey Yakovlev, rebuilt the buildings and combined the two facades. So there was an arch and an inner courtyard.

In 1905, Yakovlev sold the mansion to the famous manufacturer and philanthropist Borchaninov - and he, in turn, also ordered the redevelopment of the house – presumably to the famous architect Yuli Dyutel. It was then that the stucco decoration appeared on the facade of the building.

After the revolution, the building was nationalized and rebuilt several times. In different years, its premises were occupied by a rifle division, the regional committee of the Union of Public Utilities, Uralenergo, Sverdlovenergo, the UralTEP Institute and even a kindergarten.

In 1980, the Children's Philharmonic Hall was located in the House of Yakovlev Merchants – A. E. Borchaninov, but in 2007 the dilapidated building fell into disrepair: the ceiling collapsed in it. Four years ago, the Philharmonic conducted a historical survey of the mansion, and the government of the Sverdlovsk region allocated money for the development of design estimates for its restoration and adaptation for modern use.

According to the project, the exterior of the mansion and all elements of the subject of protection will remain unchanged. The building will house four rehearsal halls and a special concert hall with an electronic organ, where creative meetings and performances can be held. Technical rooms will be located in the attic under the restored roof.

The project documentation was prepared by LLC "Archstroyinvest".